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Averush – Digital Marketing & Creative Agency Elementor Template Kit


: September 3, 2021

Latest Update

: 2 weeks ago


The template import process requires a special plugin provided by Envato, called Template Kit Import which you can download here, or follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard
  2. Open Plugins Menu
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter keywords in the plugins search field


Please install the following plugins so that the templates can be imported and appear perfectly:

  1. Elementor
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. Jeg Elementor Kit

Hint: You don’t have to install it first, because at the time of importing the template, the system will automatically detect the required plugin if it doesn’t exist, just follow it. Le’ts go to the nex step

Importing Template

1. Download Package

Purchase Elementor Template kit by Deverust from Themeforest then you can download theme package. Don’t extract the package that include all files and folders, just upload it

2. Uploading Package

Now we will upload the template package that has been purchased and downloaded. Please follow the following instructions

  1. Go to WP Dashboard
  2. Open Tools Menu
  3. Click Template Kit (Make sure the steps in the prerequisites are successful and successful)
  4. Click the dotted line box that says “Upload Kit Template ZIP File”
  5. Just click “Install Requirements” if any

3. Importing Templates

After the packages are successfully uploaded, then you need to import them one by one or according to your needs. Just click the “View Installed Kit” button then click the “Import Template” button

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